Suits s01e07 TV shows

"You can save the disappointment, Harvey. I know what I did."

"Do you? 
 Because what I saw is that you backed off because you were worried about hurting your girlfriend's feelings."
"It was a fake trial. All right? 
 I weighed the pros and the cons, and I decided it wasn't worth hurting someone for the result."

"The result is you just told every partner in this firm including myself,
 that you have a weak stomach, that you don't have what it takes."

"You know, you keep telling me that I have to decide what kind of lawyer I wanna be.
 And if I were smart, I'd probably be just like you, because everybody knows you're the best.
 But I'm also trying to decide what kind of person I wanna be.
 And sometimes I like my kind of person a lot more than yours."

"You wanna know what kind of person I am?  Tough but fair.
 I call it like I see it.  And what I see is a kid who asked for an opportunity who still hasn't decided if he wants it or not."

- Mike Ross vs Harvey Specter